It is often too easy to blame the Heads of Governments at all levels (Federal, State and Local) of
incompetence since the buck stops at their tables but in reality the success or otherwise of any administration is a function of the performance of the various Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) saddled with the statutory responsibilities of implementing the policy thrusts of that administration. As a result of the concentration of attention on the Heads of Government (President, Governors, Chairmen of Local Councils), the activities of these MDAs often times do not come under critical scrutiny with a view to ascertaining the level and
quality of service rendered by them. This oversight had led to some MDAs at all levels abdicating their commitments and responsibilities to deliver quality service to the people thereby creating a feeling of despondence for Public Service Institutions by the people. It is perhaps in realization of this fact that the Federal Government in 2004 set up the SERVICOM UNIT of the Presidency which was supposed to create an interface between the MDAs and the people with regards to service delivery especially in terms of what the people are to expect from government agencies and how to seek redress when these expectations are not met. However, as noble as this was, it became very important for Non State actors (Civil Society) to get involved in assessing, monitoring and verifying the quality of service delivery of MDAs, and reporting same to Nigerians. This need gave birth to the Independent Service Delivery Monitoring Group (ISDMG) in 2005 which has since then consistently championed the call for efficient and effective Service Delivery by agencies of governments at all levels.