National Dialogue On Fuel Subsidy Removal Report

The National Dialogue on the removal of fuel subsidy in Nigeria represented a significant endeavor
to address the wide-ranging implications of the abrupt policy shift initiated by President Bola
Ahmed Tinubu. This removal has triggered extensive apprehensions pertaining to corruption,
resource mismanagement, and its profound ramifications on the nation’s economy. The resulting
aftermath, characterized by escalating prices of essential goods, transportation, and services, has
disproportionately affected the most vulnerable segments of society, compounding the preexisting
economic challenges faced by the general populace.
The Centre for Transparency Advocacy (CTA), in collaboration with Palladium under the USAIDfunded Strengthening Civic Advocacy and Local Engagement (SCALE) project, orchestrated the
National Dialogue, which encompassed a pre-dialogue meeting involving Civil Society (CS)
representatives and the main National Dialogue featuring participants from various sectors such as
law enforcement, government financial and petroleum entities, civil society organizations,
women’s and disability advocacy groups, private enterprises, industry associations, and media.
This dialogue platform facilitated the amalgamation of diverse viewpoints and expertise to
formulate sustainable solutions addressing the hardships imposed on citizens due to the removal
of fuel subsidy. The recommendations were condensed into a communique aimed at engaging
policymakers effectively


CTA National Dialogue Report

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