Election Compendium 2019-2022.

The Nigerian electoral landscape is a vibrant tapestry interwoven with the strands of democracy,
participation, and transformation. Spanning from 2019 to 2022, this tapestry bore witness to
significant occurrences that sculpted the nation’s political course, mirroring both its aspirations and
trials. Building upon the resounding success of “INEC Beyond 2015,” which chronicled the electoral
odyssey from 2015 to 2018 as a precursor to the 2019 elections, the Centre for Transparency
Advocacy (CTA) proudly unveils the sequel to this initiative: ” Election Landscape: An Overview of
Nigerian Elections 2019-2022 a Compendium of Nigerian Elections: 2019-2022. Vol. 2″
This compendium, akin to its forerunner, delves deep into the core of Nigerian democracy during a
pivotal juncture. Spanning from the 2019 General Elections to the culmination of off-season contests
in 2022, this compendium uncovers the multifaceted aspects of Nigeria’s political and democratic
As the guardians of transparency, accountability, and the democratic process, the Centre for
Transparency Advocacy (CTA) embarked upon an ambitious expedition to capture the essence of
these electoral junctures through the pages of this Compendium covering 2019-2022 elections. This
compendium not only stands as a testament to our commitment but also as an invaluable resource for
comprehending the evolution of Nigerian democracy.
Section 1: Election Landscape: An Overview of Nigerian Elections 2019-2022
This section immerses readers into the heart of Nigerian elections over the specified years. From the
defining 2019 General Elections to the myriad off-season contests that followed, this portion unpacks
the key electoral events. It seeks to present a mosaic of narratives, each representing a unique facet of
the Nigerian democratic experience.
Section 2: Expert Perspectives on Nigerian Electoral Process 2019-2022
The second section broadens the scope, inviting experts from various domains to share their insights.
These voices, ranging from election administration and media to security and gender perspectives,
contribute their analyses to enrich our understanding of the intricate mechanisms that underpin
Nigerian elections.
This compendium is a testament to the collaborative spirit that drives democratic progress. It
celebrates the collective contributions of stakeholders across the spectrum. From the Board,
management, and staff of CTA to the esteemed experts who lent their wisdom, every page reflects the
dedication of individuals and organizations committed to the ideals of transparency, fairness, and
credible governance.
Looking Ahead: A New Phase of Democratic Evolution
The Nigerian Elections Compendium 2019-2022 serves as a milestone, capturing a chapter in the
nation’s ongoing narrative of democracy. As we turn the pages, we stand at the threshold of the


CTA Election Compendium 2019-2022 Report

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