Human Right

Human Rights:  Protection of the dignity of human beings is one of the core mandates that CTA advocates for. The obligations of citizens towards the state and the obligations of the state towards its citizens are sacrosanct, must be respected and protected. We promote socio economic rights environmental and cultural rights of indigenous people that are marginalized. Our activities are anchored on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Equally, we promote activities that help the youth, young persons, and women to achieve their potentials. Conflicts are major drivers of human right abuses; women, children, people with disability and youth are mostly victims of the consequences of such conflicts leading to abuses and deprivations.


  1. Peacebuilding 
  2. Conflict Transformation (mediation dialogue, and negotiation) 
  3. Trauma Healing
  4. Human Security- hunger, fear, and health challenges  
  5. Training in Livelihood skills
  6. Media  
  7. Advocacy
  8. Refugees, Migrants and IDPs
  9. OI Project

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