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Writers’ Workshop on Promoting Cultural Values and Rights of Original Inhabitants (OIs) In Federal Capital Territory (FCT) through Drama and Art Forms.

The concept of Theatre for development in this project will be used as both a peaceful and an advocacy tool. This is to convey the message of the Original Inhabitants through drama and art forms. The writers’ workshop and training were a great opportunity to equip

                                                                                                TRAINING OBJECTIVES

To build the capacity of participants on skills required for skit and script writing for engagement and advocacy processes.

The Executive director thanked everyone present on behalf of the CTA board for making out time to attend the training.

She explained that theatre for development has become one of the key strategies in addressing most of the advocacy issues for the project. The writers’ workshop is like a dream come true for CTA and she further expressed her profound gratitude to Resource Centre for Human Rights and Civic Education (CHRICED) and MacArthur foundation for supporting this project.

She added that CTA was one of the 9 organizations that are implementing the project on Promoting the rights of the Original Inhabitants of FCT.

She stated that many residences of FCT does not even know the true owners of the land which are the indigenous people. She encouraged the Original Inhabitants of FCT to tell their stories and people know of their culture and help preserve it.

For the project CTA is focused on two areas; Promoting the cultural rights as well as promoting responsible mining through the development of the Community Development Agreement.

She thanked some of the special guests; Mr. Lambert and Mrs. Chinelo, Mr. Lazarus and representatives of various districts.

                                                                      GOODWILL MESSAGES.  

  • By Jafaar Abubakar

He brought warm greetings from CHRICED Secretariat and from the Executive Director of CHRICED. He made it clear that CHRICED is proud to be associated with this project in promoting the rights of the original Inhabitants if FCT. He communicated that in this world of ours where attentions are often shifted, it is important to communicate messages in stories.

He explained how the FCT indigenes became stateless. How a people who own a place became tenants overnight, from tenants they are now begging to stay on their lands. He reiterated that CHRICED is proud to be associated with CTA on this project because the need for these stories is paramount.

He also added that we live in an age where the internet never forgets so we need to find new ways to tell this. 

  • Lazarus Nyaholo: He extended the warm greeting of the High royal highness, the Sa’payi of Garki and expressed his gratitude to CTA for organizing such an event.

He shared his personal stories of how the Original Inhabitants of FCT has been seen as stateless. His experience was as far back as during his university days and they were all meant to introduce their selves and indicate the state they are from. When he said that he was from FCT, they FCT is a no man’s land.

He gave a brief story of FCT – he said during then regime of late General Versa who was the Minister of FCT then, all the popular names we see today were changed. For instance, Garki was called Accelerated District 1 and Wuse, Accelerated district 2. Because of the long names given to the districts, he asked that they be changed back to their original names that was how it remained unchanged till today. He added that those living in Wuse and Asokoro whre relocated to Sarbon Wuse along Kaduna Road because it was an option that was given to the people to either remain or go back to their former states.

He educated all that where Trascorp is now was the Maitama village. He mentioned an old bridge that leads to suleja that is still standing till date which is just by the millennium park. This bridge bridge links to Suleja, Mpape, Nyanya and Keffi.

He concluded by thanking CHRICED and MacArthur foundation for supporting the cause of their rights.



Group photograph of the team

CTA Program/communication manager presenting a speech

The Director of TFD Mr Lambert

Mr. Nyaholo Lazarus , The Secretary to Garki Chiefdom narrating the story of the OIs

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