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The Osun state Gubernatorial election, one of the off-season elections in Nigeria’s electoral calendar held on July 16TH 2022.

With over One million, five hundred and eighteen thousand, three hundred and three (1,518, 303) PVCs collected out of a total of One million, nine hundred and fifty five thousand, six hundred and fifty seven (1, 955,657)  registered voters, the Osun Governorship election presented the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) with another opportunity to consolidate on the improvements made during the Ekiti state Gubernatorial election of 18th June 2022 and also show to the Nigerian people and indeed the entire world its readiness to conduct a credible, free and fair general election in 2023.


The Centre for Transparency Advocacy (CTA) trained and deployed accredited 60 independent observers covering the entire 30 Local Government Areas of the state. This preliminary statement therefore represents our initial observations on the conduct of the election.


Time of arrival of INEC Officials and materials

Our field observers report indicated that polling officials arrived early in most of the polling units, with many of the polling units opening around 7.30am This is an indication of improvement with regards to election logistics arrangement on the part of INEC. We hope this improvement will be consolidated upon and carried into the 2023 general elections.

Time of commencement of accreditation and voting

Reports from our observers in the field indicated that voter accreditation and voting started on time in most of the polling units. While there were delays in a few polling units due to delay in commencement of briefing of the electorates on the procedure for the elections, our observers report indicated that over 95% of polling units opened on time.

BVAS Performance

From field reports, with few exceptions, BVAS worked perfectly well in the Osun elections with voter accreditation taking between 1 to 3 minutes on the average. The few cases of issues with the BVAS were reported in Ifelodun, Olonde and Ikirun Ward 8 Unit 7 and Ede North, Ward 5 Unit 16 Alusekere. It is however, heartwarming to note that these cases were swiftly attended to by INEC officials. We also note that INEC made good its promise to deploy at least two BVAS machines in polling units where they have more than a thousand voters

Performance/Conduct of INEC Officials

The CTA notes with satisfaction the performance of INEC officials during the election. In most of the polling units covered by our observers, polling officials exhibited professionalism and knowledge of their duties. The lapses identified in previous elections can be traced to the deployment of untrained ad hoc staff. We encourage INEC to ensure that only trained ad hoc staff are deployed for subsequent elections.

PWDs, The Aged, Pregnant and Nursing Mothers

As reported by our observers in the field, priority was given to the aged, the PWDs and the pregnant women as stipulated by INEC guidelines. There were separate queues for the aged, PWDs, the pregnant women and nursing mothers in most of the polling units our observers were deployed.

Time of arrival and Conduct of Security Agents

Our observers’ report indicated that security agents generally arrived early at the polling units and were professional in their conducts especially in the maintenance of law and order. We further observed that there was synergy and networking among the various security agencies.

Voter turnout

From our observers’ report, voter turnout was generally reasonable, with report indicating that in some polling units the electorates were already out before 7am. We therefore commend the Osun state electorates for their enthusiastic turnout and orderly conduct. We envisage a voter turnout of about 40% in this election.

Conduct of Political Party Agent/Voters (Vote buying and vote selling)

Unfortunately, observers’ report indicated that the ugly trend of vote buying that is fast becoming a major feature of our democracy reared its ugly head during the Osun state Gubernatorial election. Our observers reported that vote buying, and selling were rife with the major parties deploying new vote buying schemes/tactics to evade security operatives. Nigerians, the INEC, the Security Agencies and other stakeholders need to work out measures to effectively address this ugly phenomenon. Political parties should be made to understand that encouraging vote buying is a criminal offence while the security agencies should make party officials liable for the vote buying activities of their agents.


The report from the field indicates that the voting process was generally peaceful except for view altercations is some polling units.

Presence of Anti-Corruption Agencies

Our observers reported the presence of officials of the Anti-Corruption Agencies in several polling units. Four officials of the PCC, EFCC and ICPC were sighted at polling units across the state.


In conclusion, the CTA commends the INEC, security agencies and the good people of Osun state for playing their part towards the growth and development of our democracy.

We commend the use of the BVAS in the uploading of election results.

This is CTA’s preliminary statement; we hope to issue a comprehensive report at the end of the entire process.

Faith Nwadishi

Executive Director CTA

CTA ED. FAITH NWADISHI Presenting preliminary statement

Question from the Media 

Mr. Babatunde Oluajo, CTA board director presenting a speech 

Prof. Remi Aiyede  Emmanuel

CTA Expert team

Prof. Kola-Olusanya Anthony


CTA Expert team on election day

Aged women given priority to cast their votes


Ad-Hoc Staff educating the voters on how BVAS work before voting commenced

Cross-section of Ad-Hoc staff

Nursing mother casting her vote



The Centre for Transparency Advocacy (CTA), an accredited election observer group, has keenly watched developments and the preparedness of critical stakeholders for the July 16, 2022, Osun State Governorship Election. The CTA has lined up activities as its contribution towards a free, credible, peaceful, fair, inclusive, and conclusive election. This press conference will address our preliminary findings and concerns.

Political Environment: 15 political parties will be presenting candidates to seek for the mandate and votes of the citizens across the 30 Local Government Areas, 332 wards and 3,763 polling units. So far, the political environment is calm as political parties are going about their campaigns without necessarily heating up the polity. Our advance team has been on ground for over five days in the state and has not witnessed infractions. The holiday period provided an opportunity for citizens and political parties to interact and share in the conviviality provided by the holiday. The Centre for Transparency Advocacy commends the prevailing peaceful atmosphere and hopes that it is maintained throughout the election period and after the election on Saturday.  

How prepared are the citizens? There are about 1,955,657 registered voters in Osun state. Out of this number, 1,479,595 representing 76 per cent of registered voters have collected their PVCs as at 10/7/2022 according to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC). It is noteworthy that citizens are prepared to cast their votes having shown such tremendous interest in the collection of their PVCs. We also believe that Osun citizens took advantage of the extension of the time for the collection of PVCs by INEC till today, Thursday 14, 2022. We urge citizens to be peaceful as they come out on Saturday to vote for candidates of their choice. It is our belief that a collective resolve of the citizens to do the right things will be a boost to our democracy. 

The CTA notes with disappointment the endemic practice of vote trading that adds no value to our democratic process. We, therefore, urge citizens not to partake in this inglorious and criminal practice but rather work for a better democratic process that will be free, and fair.

The Independent National Electoral Commission: We commend the incremental progress recorded by INEC at every election. We have noticed steady progress from Anambra Governorship Election to the recently concluded Ekiti State Governorship Election where results were collated, and a winner declared in less than twenty-four hours. This is commendable and we hope that Osun State will be better.  INEC announced that it will be deploying for the first time, 35 persons with Disability from the National Youth Service Corps. This is highly commendable, and we urge the media, citizens, and security agencies to accord them necessary assistance on the field.

In the same manner, INEC has announced that it will deploy five National Commissioners and twelve Resident Electoral Commissioners to monitor and supervise the election on Saturday. The number of accredited Observer groups by INEC are 87 (79 domestic and 8 international), comprising 7792 Observers, while there are 94 accredited media organisations (92 domestic and 2 foreign) with 624 journalists that will be reporting events. These deployments will hopefully aid to the achievement of a credible election on Saturday with the deployment of the B-VAS, the new technological innovation in the electoral process.

Stakeholders’ meeting has become a critical activity by INEC as part of their preparedness towards conducting free, credible, fair, peaceful, inclusive, and conclusive elections in Nigeria. Also, the briefing by INEC for accredited observers before election is appreciated.  The CTA commends INEC for making this a permanent feature of the electoral process.

The role of traditional rulers and the National Peace Committee: The CTA commends the traditional institutions for encouraging peaceful elections. We especially commend the Ooni of Ife His Imperial Majesty Oba Adeyeye, Enitan Ogunwusi, Ojaja II who had consistently urged the Osun people to be peaceful and has continued to play his role as a father to all. This he has shown by being physically present at the stakeholders meeting and the signing of the peace accord by political parties and candidates. We equally, commend the role that the National Peace Committee is playing to ensure peaceful elections in Nigeria. We hope that politicians and all political actors will abide by the peace agreements signed. It is important that they do so.

Security and flash points: The Inspector General of Police was firm in his charge to security agencies to discharge their duties professionally and within the Standard Operation Practice and rules of engagement. We note that the police will be deploying 21,000 personnel while the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) will deploy 1,500. The Inspector General of Police further admonished other security agencies that will be deployed to strictly adhere to the rules of engagement as earlier announced.  Though there is a seemingly peaceful atmosphere so far, there are a few identified flash points where security agencies are expected to beam their searchlight and curtail any threat to security. The following areas have been identified as flash points Ife Central, Ife South, Ife East, Ilesa East and West, Ede North and South, Iwo, and some parts of Osogbo LGA.


CTA’s Preparedness: 

Stakeholders meeting and media engagements: The Centre for Transparency Advocacy carried out various engagements to sensitize the citizens and other critical stakeholders to be advocates of free and peaceful election. We held a stakeholder’s meeting on June 28, 2022, with security agencies, National Orientation Agency, Youth groups, religious leaders, People with Disability, market men and women among others in attendance. We also engaged these stakeholders in their various offices to exchange and share ideas for hitch free election. The media was not left out as we had media engagements to further buttress the importance of a peaceful, credible free, inclusive and conclusive election on July 16, 2022.

Training of observers and deployment: This afternoon, the CTA trained the 60 accredited observers and will be deploying them across the 30 LGAs of Osun State on Saturday. It is expected that they will rely on the skills and knowledge acquired from the training to report factually and in real time to the CTA Situation Room.

Opening of Situation Room: As part of our tradition, the Centre for Transparency has set up a Situation Room that is manned by our expert team to receive reports from field observers in real time. This practice helps the CTA to situate events, escalate and report events as they occur. Gentlemen of the press, dear colleagues, and friends, on this note, I hereby declare open the CTA Situation Room for the July 16, 2022, Osun State Governorship Election. We invite you here again on Saturday, 16th for the Preliminary report at the close of polls by 5:30 pm. 

In conclusion

  1.     We call on political actors to ensure that their actions and words do not trigger violence and heat up the polity unnecessarily before and after the election on Saturday.
  2.      We urge security agencies to give assurances and make adequate provisions to protect electorates before and after the election while discharging their duties professionally.
  3.      We urge citizens to come out enmasse and exercise their democratic rights by voting for candidates of their choice.
  4.      INEC should ensure that the coordination and delivery of the Osun election should be taken a notch higher than the just concluded Ekiti election. Also, that its personnel to be deployed are trained properly on the use of the BVAS machines to ensure free, fair, credible inclusive, and conclusive governorship election.
  5. Citizens must shun vote trading. It is only where there is a willing buyer that there is a willing seller.
  6. We call on parents and youths not to allow themselves to be used as political thugs to disrupt peaceful conduct of the election. 

ED of CTA, Faith Nwadishi presenting her speech

CTA Expert team

CTA Board of Director , OLUAJO BABATUNDE presenting  a speech

CTA Program/Communication Manager, MacDonald Ekemezie officiating the Program



I sincerely welcome you to this conversation today. Our mission here is simple, to have a conversation on the preparedness of the different stakeholders in the electoral value chain towards the Governorship election on July 16, 2022. The Centre for Transparency Advocacy as an accredited observer group was here in 2018 during the last Governorship Election. This is yet another defining moment for us as citizens to make a difference and to create a discerning pathway for a credible election.  

This election fell into the category of states with off season election because of subsequent court actions leading to a shift in the normal national election schedule for Osun State.  the 2018 Governorship Election in Osun State was keenly contested and so we don’t expect less from the fifteen political parties that have fielded candidates for the July 16, 2022, Governorship Election. It is important that I point out that all the political parties fielded all male candidates, yet again relegating the women to the background. There are 30 Local Government Areas in Osun State with 1,955,657 registered voters. There are 332 wards and 3583 polling units including the 573 newly created polling units in Osun State. As of June 20, there are 1,577,850 PVCs that have been collected by citizens leaving out 377,807 PVCs uncollected.

The role of citizens and stakeholders in the electoral process is important and critical to the success of any election. It is imperative therefore, that everyone of us here today must play our part. That is what it is, and that is what it should be.  the participants are carefully selected to represent all critical areas of the citizenry who are the actual CEOs in the electoral process.  The Centre for Transparency Advocacy, an accredited Domestic Observer Group like many other stakeholders, is preparing for the election with the mandate to contribute its quota towards a free, fair, peaceful, and credible election in Osun State.    

We recognize the important role you play as citizens and stakeholders, with equal stake in the political events in our state hence, transparency should be the hallmark of every group, agency, individuals, the media, security agencies, civil society and citizens that will be involved in the conduct of this election on July 16, 2022.

Vote trading has become a dangerous trend in our elections. The last election as we observed in Ekiti State was a sad signpost of infamy where citizens shamelessly traded their votes for money and one pack of spaghetti. It was that bad. That is not what we expect in Osun State. You can make a difference by rejecting to sell your votes and only vote for your choice candidates. vote buying or undue financial inducement of any kind constitutes an electoral offence. The 2022 Electoral Act is clear on this as captured in sections 121(1)a-d, 127 (a-b). The act of bribery and conspiracy attracts a penalty of 500,000 fine or 12 months imprisonment or both if convicted

The deployment of technology such as the Bi-modal Voter Accreditation System (B-VAS) that replaced the Smart Card Reader has improved the electoral process tremendously. This was attested to by both domestic and foreign observers in the just concluded Governorship election in Ekiti State. Equally, we noticed that election commenced in good time and ended at the prescribed time making it possible for collation and announcement of result to take place within a short period of time. We hope this success shall be replicated in the Osun State Governorship Election. This also goes to the security agencies whose appreciable synergy contributed to the success in the Ekiti election.

It is important to remind us as stakeholders to ensure that all voices are heard, especially those of the vulnerable groups such as women, youth, and people with disability in the electoral process to engender better democratic practices which in turn will help the Electoral Umpire to fashion a credible pathway to elections and the electoral process.

Centre for Transparency Advocacy (CTA) will be deploying 60 observers including our expert team members   to the 30 Local Government Areas of Osun State. These observers will be trained on Election Observation and adherence to INEC Election Guidelines and the Covid-19 Protocols in the next few weeks before the election.   CTA will also be setting up a Situation Room here in Osogbo on election day to receive reports from the field observers from across the state in real time.   

We encourage politicians to campaign without acrimony but discuss issues relevant to the well-being of citizens, convince citizens to cast their votes in good conscience without inducing voters with money or commodities. Let there be peace.

CTA will continue to consult and collaborate with all the critical stakeholders to promote credible, free, peaceful, and fair election. Our votes truly count. Play your good part and surely, our votes must count. 

The Centre for Transparency Advocacy (CTA) is registered as a non-profit, non-governmental, non-partisan and non-religious organisation with a mission is to promote the benefits of transparency and accountability in public service and to cause a reawakening in the society to imbibe the tenets of transparency and accountability in Nigeria.

CTA an accredited election observer equally operates as a critical watch dog in the electoral value chain and is involved in election observation in Nigeria

CTA most sincerely appreciates everyone that is in this meeting today. We acknowledge the Department of State Service (DSS), the National Orientation Agency (NOA) and the media houses that granted us an audience before now.  We specially thank Mr Ademola Adebisi, our Osun State contact person who has done a lot to see this meeting holding today. We do not take your presence for granted. It is our hope that we shall continue to have quality collaboration from INEC, the National Orientation Agency, the security agencies, traditional rulers, religious leaders, professional organizations, CSOs, and other participants who in one way or the other has added value to our work and ultimately this meeting today.

Once again, I sincerely welcome everyone and wish for a fruitful meeting.

Thank you for coming.

Faith Nwadishi.

Executive Director


Cross-section of critical stakeholders

CTA ED. Faith Nwadishi Granting an interview

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